Jan 142014

So have you made your New Years resolutions yet?  Or have you made them and broken them already?  Either way, now is a great time to make changes in your life. One of them or course, is to begin to sell on eBay.  eBay is a great place to start and business for practically no cost.  As a new seller, you get 50 free listings so if you items don’t sell, there is no cost.  The fees are only paid when items sell.   Selling on eBay is a great way to make extra money, or run a full time business.  Either way, learning how to sell is extremely important.


Online Auction Training offers several classes, from the Basics class to having an eBay store.   Our classes are always small, usually 1 – 4 students which allows the instructor to give you the best training.    The beginning and intermediate class are 6 hours, and the stores class is 4.  They are currently held at our office in Denver.    Please check the Class Description link on the left for more detailed information about each class.


Looking forward to seeing you in class.


Aug 232013

There are millions of sellers on eBay, and some of them are even successful.  Lots and lots of sellers have learned eBay by just doing it.  Did they make some mistakes along the way?  Absolutely!  Some are even successful and are doing it wrong.   Some are wasting money in fees and shipping.  Some complain that eBay does not work because they are not selling anything.  Now, what do all these kind of sellers have in common.  I would bet they never had any kind of training on how to sell on eBay correctly, and how to “Leverage the Power of eBay”

Online Auction Training offers many different classes about how to sell on eBay.  We have the basic class which takes you from creating your seller id, to listing your first item.  Along the way we show you how to take good photos, do the research to determine if the item will sell, and the best starting price.  We will show you best practices about shipping, titles and descriptions.  Basically we will do everything we can to make sure you get started selling correctly.

We also have several advanced classes including eBay Stores, Beyond the Basics and using HTML for eBay.  We would suggest that you take the basic class and sell for at least a month before taking any other classes.   This allows you to get a feel for how eBay works.

Sign up now for classes!  All classes are limited to 4 students to allow us to give maxium attention to each student.  All our instructors are Education Specialists trained by eBay.

Aug 232013

We all have stuff to sell, most likely a lot of stuff. The big question is, where to sell it. One option is of course yard sales. They can be successful, but also a big pain. You have to move all the stuff outside, set up tables, move it back inside after the sale, and so on. And what if it starts to rain? You also have to advertise, and hope that people stop by to look at your stuff. Another option is flea markets. They are a lot like yard sales but you have to transport your items to the flea market location, set up tables and just hope people come to look at it.

Then you have eBay! You dont have to move anything outside, or take it to another location. Heck, you don’t even have to advertise if you don’t want. If you sell worldwide, you have at present, 104 million customers waiting to look at your treasures. That is the power of eBay.  eBay is a fantastic place to sell just about anything imaginable. You might have a collection of elephants, and there are people just waiting to buy them and treasure them as their own. Whatever you might have, there is most likely a buyer for it.

Now what do I mean by “leveraging” the power of eBay.  To leverage something, means you make it work for you, with very little investment necessary.  With eBay, the initial investment is zero!  If you do the free auctions,   selling on eBay costs nothing if the item does not sell.  You can list up to 50 free auctions a month.   Another power of eBay is the customer base.  Just think of 104 million customers! 104 MILLION!  Thats a lot!  The entire world is your customer base, and all you have to do is list your item on eBay.  Thats power!

One last power of eBay is the ability to get help.  There is a huge eBay community of people just waiting to help you sell better!  On the eBay site, there are community groups and forums.  Many cities have an eBay meetup.  A meetup is a bunch of people who get together to share a common interest, in this case eBay.

There is an enormous amount of power when you sell on eBay.  The key is learning it as quickly as possible.  The best way is an eBay class!

Aug 232013

We are in the process of creating our class schedule for the fall.  We offer various eBay classes beginning with Basics of Selling and concluding with eBay Stores.   We also have classes in HTML for eBay, Packing and Shipping and Creating Successful Listings.  Please check the registration page for current classes.

All our classes are taught in our office in Denver, CO.  The class size is limited to 4 to make sure everyone gets the help they need.  Our Basic class is hands-on.   We will help you get your first listing done and join the world of e-commerce.

Selling on eBay can be a very successful endeavor,  but can also be frustrating at times.  We are here to help you remove that frustration and get started the right way.

If you need even more help, please check our online training website,  http://www.onlineauctionexperts.com for videos, chat and much more.